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3 Steps for Parents to Handle Ongoing Anxiety During the COVID-19 Pandemic

It is terrifying to know that COVID-19 is continuously spreading across the globe. This pandemic brings a great impact to everyone. The feelings of sadness, anxiety, fear, and worries are just some of the negative effects of this COVID-19 pandemic. As parents, we can see our children worrying about what is happening in the world. It is because all of us, including our children, are affected by this present situation. You can learn more about the mechanisms you might be able use to cope with situations like this from various online resources and articles. But for now, let’s talk about the cause of this uneasy situation and how, we can cope with it better!

To be honest, we can face different types of news and pieces of information about the threat of COVID-19. There are social supports through different channels of social media and online tools, which help to decrease the anxiety that our kids and we may experience. Aside from that, there are some extra simple and scientifically effective forms to do towards the proper management of anxiety and stress during these trying times.

Some effective ways of battling anxiety are very simple. The usual things still work, like taking a hot bath or shower, having a relaxing cup of tea, or even using a pink star strain of medical cannabis to help you sleep better. Sleep is obviously very important, but maybe even more so now that we have so much to do at home, from home-schooling to full-time work to trying to shop safely and caring for elderly grandparents who are shielding.

Moreover, it is our responsibility to see to it that our kids can easily cope up and adapt to new changes brought by the coronavirus. As much as possible, let’s always find ways and new approaches on how to normalize the lifestyles of every member of the family despite what is happening in the world.

As one of the concerned individuals who support the mental health of the person, let me give you the 3 important steps for parents to handle ongoing anxiety during the COVID-19 pandemic. These things include the following:

  1. Acknowledge that it’s possible to experience anxiety because of this situation and that we have ways we can handle it. Be it medical, by partaking of a selection of CBD gummies, or by getting other treatment. Still, we need to establish a timeframe during which we allow ourselves to worry. If we started to worry about the worst thing that may happen, we also need to think about situations like having mild symptoms instead of those things that are life-threatening. Just give limited time to worry about the present situation. For example, we may only limit ourselves to think about this situation for about 15 minutes. Then, when the time is over, we need to move forward and look for better happenings throughout the day. If our thoughts or worries reoccur, just allow these thoughts to flow in our minds and remind ourselves that there will be another day that awaits us. Let’s not lose hope but instead see the brighter side of the world.
  2. Let us find ways and approaches to adapt things at the present times – Always remind ourselves that we are doing fine. If at all you feel doubtful about doing well enough, try some edibles (check to relieve the stress and then get back to work with more vigour. We also need to find ways on how to connect that which we are doing at the present times. Since COVID-19 is already there, it is advisable to stay within the four corners of our home. Still, we also need to explore things that happen in our surroundings through reading the newspaper, surfing the internet, and scrolling the pages on some important websites. As much as possible, we learn how to extend our senses by enjoying everything that we do inside our homes.
  3. Suppose we are ready enough to acknowledge the present situations. In that case, we can ask ourselves with some queries to invite self-compassion and resourcefulness. We can tap our self-compassion and resourcefulness by asking some queries which are straightforward. We need to look forward and find ways which we are capable of. Then, it is crucial to take some necessary decisions and provide appropriate action.

Let’s ask ourselves if we are already prepared to face new challenges in life amidst this pandemic. Below are some questions that we may ask ourselves. With these questions, we also need to provide some possible answers for us to assess whether we can pro-actively respond to this pandemic.

  1. What actions do I need to consider in taking care of myself?
  2. To whom can I ask for assistance or support?
  3. Is there any expectation which I need to let go of given the level of stress at home?
  4. Is there any commitment that I need to cancel or decline to give more time for myself?

If we already have answers to these questions, then that would be better. These may help us to become fully prepared for the next days.

So, as parents, we need to know how to handle or cope with ongoing anxiety during the COVID-19 pandemic. We should be brave enough to face the challenges ahead of us since our children and our family members may obtain strength from us.

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