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Best Gifts For A Kid Baker

One of the most fulfilling moments in a parents’ life is when we are able to support our children. We want to provide them things or gifts that they need and are passionate about.

Nowadays, one of the things that kids love to do is baking. So, if your kids love to bake or are interested in baking, you should be looking for gifts such as welsh love spoons that you can give them. These could be used while baking as well as decor pieces.

Here is a list of gifts that you can choose from to give to your young pastry chef.

  1. Babycakes Mini Cake Pop Maker – this one is best for a kid starter. Hence, the design of it is for small-scale baking. With the use of this, our kids can bake nine small cake pops on nonstick baking plates. So, our kids can bake perfectly without making the cakes tore. It is also light with a latching handle, making it convenient for our kids to use.
  2. Curious Chef 16-Piece Cupcake and Decorating Kit – for kids who want to start decorating cakes, this one is perfect for them. The kit has a 6-cup nonstick cupcake tin, six colorful cupcake liners, a mixing spoon, a frosting spreader, and a frosting decorator with six decorating tips with different designs. With the six decorating tips, our kids can create cupcakes with various looks.
  3. Learning Resources New Sprouts Bake It! – for kids who are not suited to bake yet but showing interest in baking, this set of toys fits them. It is a set of 15 baking toys that include a muffin pan, a spoon, a spatula, a rolling pin, a bowl, a measuring cup, four cupcakes, and four chocolate chip cookies.
  4. Cakebe Cake Decorating Kit 78 pcs with Icing Piping Bags and Turntable – a decorating kit for kids beginning to design cakes is what Cakebe offers. The kit has 32 decorating tips, 30 disposable piping bags, an icing bag, three bag ties, two icing spatulas, two couplers, a flower nail, a flower lifter, a cleaning brush, a cake turntable rotating cake stand, a cake leveler, and a cake decorating guide. This kit can provide a lot of decorating options for our young pastry chefs.
  5. Handstand Kitchen Rockets and Planets 10-piece Cookie Cutter – this set of space design cookie cutters can give our kids a much fun baking experience. With the space-themed assorted design, our young chefs will become more driven and excited to see the result of their bakes.
  6. Curious Chef Kids Cookware, 30 Piece Caddy Collection – baking needs various tools and baking utensils. Therefore, the Curious Chef Cookware is the best gift for young bakers. The design of the set is appealing to kids and has bright colors that can stimulate their young minds. The set includes a carrying caddy, rolling pin, medium and large mixing spoons, cookie turner, stainless steel whisk, frosting spreader, large poly spoon, pastry brush, vegetable peeler, ice cream scoopers, serving tongs, pizza cutter medium and large mixing spatula, small, medium and large plastic knives, 6-piece measuring spoon, and 6-piece measuring cup sets. This set is real utensils designed for our kids that are safe to use.
  7. Baketivity Kids Baking Set – this baking set fits our young ones. It provides recipes for kids, illustrated instructions, pre-measured and vacuum-packed ingredients, and an educational booklet that can provide our kids a fun and wholesome baking experience.
  8. Little Cook Tool Kit – is a tool kit appropriate for kids with the age range of 5 and above. It includes six cookie cutters, a small whisk, rolling pin, wood spoon, wooden turner, large and small silicone spatula, measuring cups, and spoon. All the tools are designed to fit our kids’ small hands.
  9. The Ultimate Kids’ Baking Book – For starters, like our kids, a baking recipe book is essential. It can help them bake better and practice, so giving them a recipe book will surely help them hone their baking skill. This baking book by Tiffany Dahl has 60 easy and fun recipes for birthdays, holidays, milestones, and the likes.

There are lots more gifts that we can choose from available in the market for our kids who love baking. So, we have to be keen on choosing. Now, choose the best pick for your young pastry chef. Enjoy!

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