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Is An Outdoor Pool a Good Idea?

An outdoor pool can be a really enticing idea to any homeowner who has some extra money in the bank to invest in this kind of expensive purchase, but is it the right decision? This blog post is going to explain some of the pros and cons of investing in an outdoor pool and hopefully help you to assess whether it is something you really want to do, so let’s dive in!


Exercise – you will always have access to exercise at your home readily available, you don’t have to drive miles away to your nearest pool so there is no excuse to get fit and healthy. Plus, it’s a good way for your kids to stay healthy and encourage them to keep up their own personal fitness, as well as having a fun way to exercise. The great thing about swimming is that it feels more like a leisure activity rather than an exercise one, so people do not realize how much weight they are burning off from doing a few laps around the pool.

Enjoyment – a pool can bring so much fun to friends and family, especially on really hot days. Imagine if you have no time to go on vacation but still want to hang out with the family then lazing around a pool would be the best thing rather than being stuck inside the house all day watching TV, plus think about all the amazing pool parties you can have and share in celebrations with friends and families.

Adds Value – building a pool onto the outside of your property raises its value by a lot because it looks great and adds another function to your home. Furthermore, many people with lots of money to invest in property will be looking for places with pools, bars, extra living areas, plus a multitude of other things that you usually would not be able to find in a regular house.

Services – because more and more people are building outdoor pools it means that pool companies have started to pop up all over the world. So, you can get your pool maintained and cleaned all throughout the year from local businesses, which can get your pool hygienic and shiny.


Dangerous – if you have small children, it could be very dangerous to have an outdoor pool as it no longer makes it safe for them to play in the back garden by themselves. To combat this, you could of course but a barrier around the pool, however a lot of people opt to just not have a pool because they don’t like the eyesore a barrier cause.

Technical Issues – you need to make sure that the proper chemical levels are being used in the pool, and this means getting the PH levels accurate. Improper care of a swimming pool could lead to illness, bacteria growth, or algae build-up, which could make your pool completely unusable. Therefore, if people do not have the funds or time to sort out their pool regularly it probably is not the best decision.

I hope that some of these pros and cons have helped you to be one step closer to your decision and you have figured out what will work best for you. Remember a swimming pool is an investment like anything else so it is vital to check that you have enough funds in the bank to build the pool, fill it up, and then maintain it for years into the future. An outdoor pool is a massive thing so do not jump into it lightly, make a plan and talk to some people first.

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