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Baby costumes are a real draw for millions of people at Christmas and birthdays; however, manufacturers of these garments aren’t always keeping up with the cool outfits.

The ever-popular Thomas the Tank Engine and the “Smurfs” are two popular dress-up choices for children, however their makers, opening up to demand, have been producing some of the most comical costumes in recent years.

One of the newest offerings from CostumesWay is an imaginatively titled Thomas the Tank Engine Deluxe Muscle Costume for boys.  The costume, which is primarily covered in blue material, features a top that features a muscled torso and arms.  The costume features what might best be described as a “train man” head with muscled foreheads and arms.  The outfit is built for just shy of a 50 pound toddler; if your little one reaches that weight, you’ll want to tumors additional padding.

Also from CostumesWay is reminisce the popular “Smurf” characters.  The “Pasta” male and female costumes will turn little boys into a little girl with a furry past and a bit of smirk.  It’s not going to be pretty, but it’s always funny when a little guy in a pink shirt and blue shorts shows up at a party dressed like a pink poodle.

According to the web site, “some costumes come in sizes for kids from infant to child, but this is not the case with the 2011 Smurf costumes from CostumesWay.  All of the costumes come in sizes 4 to 6-1/2 and are a very popular item.”  This isn’t so far from the truth.  CostumesWay has recently been celebrating the launch of three new Smurf outfits, complete with gleaming steel-TOeyBiGLE┬« shoes, blue and red gloves and little blue and yellow bow ties, all of which are one-piece dressed in pewter with high-quality linings and accents.

The third new offer from the online retailer is the bicycle costume.  Although similar to the other three costumes in the current line, the bicycle outfit may be one of the more realistic looking costumes and includes the black wool sweater and pants.  Not all of the costumes in the current line are outfits that children can wear, however.  The bicycle outfit is one of those one-piece ensembles that is suitable for infants and toddlers.

The newest offering from CostumesWay is the Disposable Paper Puffin Infant/Toddler Adult Costume.  The only feature about this costume that is different from the other three is the paper “puffs” used to decorate the costume.  All of the other costumes in the current line have the real paper “puffs” that are inflated with a built-in fan, which will give you a light-up effect to your costume altogether.

PATH has also just recently begun offering a promoted Halloween store to celebrate Halloween in 2010, which you should keep an eye on for upcoming 2011 offerings.  I’ve included one of these in this article.

As you’ve noticed, manufacturers are keeping up with the whimsical and cute new apparel so that you’re going to find the latest and funniest offerings when it comes to the Disney Channel.  This is the best way to shop for baby costumes online, which will not look out of place in an authentic-looking environment where kids from around the world share in celebrating the season.

As a note of warning, there is a lot of room for error when it comes to finding the best designed costumes for toddlers to wear during this holiday season.  I would recommend finding one that is certified as a costume suitable for a toddler and use common sense when it comes to putting it on or taking it off.

While mostly I’ll be referring to the Disney Channel and its characters, one source I do really like is the “Kids Up” site, which offers a wide variety of kid’s apparel and items fromBand gymnastics.  I was particularly interested in the leotards as I thought they were going to be a lot of fun and dress-up play during the upcoming season.

Another really fun site to check out is Dolly Parton’s official web site.  The least expensive Halloween costume for infants and toddlers offered in these motifs is the “Blissee”, which is available in both red and white.  It comes with the leotard, black mesh leggings and the Blissee bra that comes with the outfit.  The price of the dress was $71.00; however, we do not sell this online.

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