A rocking mama who is more than JUST a mom.

Hello, I am Eleanor Tucker, and welcome to Love Fruitful!

Motherhood is an adventure all by itself – exhausting but rewarding, scary but wonderful. As a mother to two boisterous (although wonderful) kids, I can relate to the sleepless nights and the permanent anxiety that comes along with it.

Being a mother is hard. Being a mother while having a full-time job is even harder. It can get very overwhelming, very quickly. But, at the end of the day, it’s all worth it and fruitful. That’s why I decided to name the blog Love Fruitful.

lovefruitful.com is a place for moms to connect and relate to each other. It is a platform to help you improve both your mental and physical health, and be more confident with your choices. The blog offers a relevant and friendly approach to parenting and the whole shebang that comes along with it.

The blog offers a little something to all moms, from the unpredictable newborns to the angsty teens. Above all, I hope the blog inspires you to rediscover the woman you were before becoming a mom and makes you realize that you’re not JUST a mom.