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Top Reasons Why You’re Still Unemployed

It’s one thing to be unemployed for a while. It’s another thing to be unemployed for years. Maybe you’re looking for work, and an employer hasn’t shown interest in your resume, or you’ve been on the job hunt for more than a year, and you’re wondering why you haven’t found a job. Maybe you’re getting desperate. Maybe you’ve been out of the labor force for many years. Or maybe you’re one of the millions of Americans that have been with the same employer for years, and it doesn’t make sense why you have been unemployed for so long.

Here are some top reasons why you’re still unemployed:

You are not presenting yourself very well

In this era of technological advancement, one might think a person could present themselves to their potential employers without having to rely on a third party. You’d be wrong. There is a reason why only 48% of people are employed full time, and the vast majority of unemployed people have been unemployed for over 6 months or longer.

In most cases, the way you present yourself plays a role in your job and work choices-but what if the way you present yourself destroys your dream job? This is the case for people who’ve held a job without training for years-perhaps because they can’t afford to get a degree or didn’t have access to the necessary tools and materials.

A Negative mindset

Having a negative mindset can make you feel like you are a victim of your circumstances. You think that you are not good enough and it is all your fault. But the truth is that your genes, environment, and whatever you want to call it have a big impact on your life. Your brain takes you to a negative place when you let them.

Successful people feel comfortable in their own skin-they’re confident and comfortable. In contrast, people with negative mindsets tend to feel insecure and uncomfortable with themselves-it’s very hard for them to feel comfortable in their own skin. Fortunately, it’s possible to change your mindset.

You are asking for too much

Studies show that 90% of all job seekers fail at finding a job. Many unemployed people blame their lack of success on an inability to find the right job. They say they are looking for jobs that are not listed with other companies or that are not in their area. They claim that they should be able to find a job in a matter of weeks or even days. There are a number of reasons why this is not the case. Contrary to what many people think, most job seekers don’t know what they want to do with their lives. Sure, they may think something, but the reality is that most of us are still searching for a call to action. This is the case for a lot of people out there, including you.

You have no plan

You’ve got no plan. You’re not using the right words in your cover letter and resume. You can take the help of resume writing service providers like ARC Resumes to solve this issue. Even when you get an interview call, you’re not making the right eye contact, you’re not dressing well enough, you’re not doing enough research on a company, you’re not answering the right questions in an interview, you’re not answering the question that matters, and so.

Many people are either unemployed or simply too afraid of getting fired to move forward with different career options. There are countless reasons for this, but the most common issues are lack of motivation, lack of persistence, and lack of confidence. How can you overcome these issues? Being unemployed can be an incredibly difficult thing to deal with. It can be incredibly frustrating or feel like you’re going through the motions of the job without getting any real results. It can bring on feelings of despair and hopelessness. It can make you question whether you’re doing the right thing and what it will take to change things. Most people think that when they’re looking for a job, the first thing they need to do is look for a job. But, if you’ve been unemployed too long, it could be time to do more to show you’re determined to find a new job.


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